Get rid of the non-performing MF schemes, and instantly start earning more returns without investing a rupee more!

Why do you need this service?

  • Get rid of the non-performing MF schemes from your portfolio
  • Get recommendations on alternate MFs that can generate much better returns
  • Start earning higher returns from your MF portfolio – without investing a single additional rupee!

Over time, you might have invested in and accumulated many MF schemes. You would have purchased them based on your research, based on your someones advise, or by following “tips” from TV channels / newspapers / friends.

Purchasing these MF schemes might have been a good choice at that time. But how are these schemes performing now? Are they beating their benchmark? Are they ahead of their category averages? Would they be performing well going forward?

You need to do this analysis periodically, so that you can remove non-performers from your portfolio and replace them with winning MF schemes.

Get more out of your hard earned money!
What Does “MF Portfolio Analysis” Offer?

  • Get accurate buy / hold / sell recommendation for the MF schemes you hold based on their market performance and potential performance
  • Get names of MF schemes you should be investing in to generate better returns (if the recommendation for any of your schemes is “sell”)
  • Get your MF portfolio judged for concentration risk (too much investment in similar schemes)

Get your MF portfolio analyzed by an expert now – get better performance out of your portfolio with minimal effort on your part!

So, get your MF portfolio analyzed by an expert by paying a small fee, and get great performance in return!

The Process

Once you decide to avail this service, We shall contact you through email/personal meet at our office and get the your MF portfolio details from you. Once We have the details, We would do the analysis and provide the report to you as well as direct access to our complete Financial Planning Software.

How much does MF Portfolio Analysis cost?

The price of the MF Portfolio Analysis service service starts at just Rs. 2,000 per family.

Note: This service is Free of Cost for individuals above 45 years as a part of our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

REMEMBER: Since you would start earning much better returns from your mutual fund portfolio, this small investment would pay for itself many times over. So don’t hesitate – buy the “MF Portfolio Analysis” service now!

Disclaimer: We are also into sales of mutual funds of all companies. But we ensure that our MF Portfolio Analysis Clients are not at all asked to invest through us as they had availed our services.